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Proven Benefits Moving from Film to Computed Radiography
2018-03-12 15:00

Proven Benefits Moving from Film to Computed Radiography

Qualitech AG is the largest independent accredited material testing center in Switzerland with over 130 employees in several locations throughout the country. Qualitech first began computed radiography in 2012 with a DÜRR NDT HD-CR 35 NDT imaging plate scanner and since then have processed several thousand images with the system.

Currently four HD-CR 35 NDT units are in use by the company primarily for the inspection of weld quality of tubing for chemical plants and district heating systems. The portability of the scanner also allows it to be easily transported and operated in specialized inspection trucks.

X-ray inspection truck with HD-CR 35 NDT
Qualitech inspection trucks
Qualitech Mägenwil

Bruno Saladin, Digital Radiography Manager at Qualitech summarizes their transition from conventional to computer radiography as follows: “The HD-CR 35 NDT helps us make a huge step towards a clean, safe and odorless radiographic inspection future. Previously we had to expose a complex part 4 to 5 times to get the right parameters, but now with digital radiography only one or two exposures are required in most cases. Due to the high dynamic range (wide grayscale range), we can see many different thickness ranges in a single shot. No smell from chemicals, no corrosion, much faster than a film developer machine, and better results overall.”

In regard to the system itself, Saladin continues: “The HD-CR 35 NDT is an excellent tool for digital radiographic inspection. Its small size and low weight makes it is highly suitable for mobile applications in chemical plants, construction sites as well as in NDT labs or regular offices. The system is ready to use within a few minutes and scanning is fast and reliable. The HD-CR 35 NDT is durable with excellent build quality and is also very easy to operate. The accompanying D-Tect imaging software is very easy to use and meets the latest regulations in digital radiography and NDT.”

In addition, DÜRR NDT and its local distributor Controltech have proven to be reliable partners: "Fantastic support is also provided by the distributor and manufacturer with a very fast turnaround in the case of requests for support", Saladin points out.


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