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Aerospace Injection Pipes have no more Secrets anymore with the DR 7 NDT!
2020-01-21 15:45

Aerospace Injection Pipes have no more Secrets anymore with the DR 7 NDT!

Thales Alenia Space is one of the major worldwide players in the Aerospace industry, manufacturing satellites for customers all around the world that geo-localize and connect anyone or anything and observe our planet. The company emerged from an alliance between 2 companies: Thales and Leonardo. With more than 40 years expertise in the sector, Thales Alenia Space delivers innovative solutions for telecommunications, navigation, earth observation, exploration, science, and orbital infrastructures.

X-ray inspection setup with DR 7 NDT detector

Thales Alenia Space at its headquarters in Turin, Italy, has been using the DR 7 NDT CMOS detector from DÜRR NDT for 3 years to test welds of injection pipes for use in the aerospace industry. These pipes are made of stainless steel (9.5 mm to 19 mm diameter) or titanium (0.4 mm to 0.5 mm wall thickness) and are tested during the manufacturing process in Turin, Italy, as well as after assembly at different locations in Europe.

A major benefit of the DR 7 is its small size and its ability to fit into narrow spaces. Furthermore, image quality played a big role in Thales Alenia Space's purchase decision. Currently, the DR 7 with a pixel size of 19 μm is the leader in its class. Combined with the increased robustness thanks to its aluminum housing, the DR 7 was the best choice for meeting all Thales Alenia Space's requirements and performing inspections in the shortest possible time.

Thales Alenia Space uses the DR 7 with a portable X-ray generator which features an extra-small focal spot in order to obtain the highest possible image quality. Since utilizing the DR 7, Thales Alenia Space's inspection processes for production and assembly have become much faster and more efficient.

Daniele Gattolin, NDT Manager, also confirmed how complete the D-Tect inspection software is: “It’s very easy and effective to use the DR 7 in real-time with the DÜRR NDT imaging solution. We get direct images with no additional processing time as is the case with conventional radiography. No chemicals involved and no processing of film or imaging plates.”

Mr. Gattolin also ran an internal ROI study: “We’ve established that a period of 18-24 months is required to cover the initial investment of the complete solution. The time we save makes a drastic difference in the field and in the wallet. Moreover, there is still no alternative product that allows us to use DR with such high image quality and ease of use”.

Thales Alenia Team


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