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HD-CR 35 NDT Addresses Multiple Applications
2019-10-10 15:45

HD-CR 35 NDT Addresses Multiple Applications

QC Laboratories, Inc. is a industrial commercial testing laboratory incorporated in 1965, with two branches in Florida and one in Cincinnati, Ohio. QC Laboratories’ expertise is providing all disciplines of non-destructive testing services for aircraft, aerospace materials and components, including inspecting welds and doing thickness measurements on pipes, storage tanks and marine vessels.

QC Laboratories using the HD-CR 35 NDT

QC Labs has used their DÜRR NDT HD-CR 35 for pipe weld inspections, aerospace components, scheduled aircraft maintenance checks and forensics, has almost eliminated wet film developing at one location and is pursuing the same course of action at their other offices.

When asked why he particularly likes the HD-CR 35 Computed Radiography scanner, Derek James, Branch Manager of QC Labs’ Orlando location, said, “Largely the portability and usability of the system. The scanner is small and light enough that it can be ‘checked luggage’ and it has multiple scanning resolutions”. Mr. James also commented, “The D-Tect software is intuitive and easy to navigate, and support from the DÜRR team has been comprehensive and extremely responsive”.

Images are given to QC Labs’ customers in DICONDE format, along with the DÜRR NDT license-free D-Tect Viewer which allows them to easily view and adjust images using the same “look-and-feel” as the full software. When asked about this, Mr. James confirmed that, “Our customers are extremely grateful for the viewer software as it allows them to see what we see. This feature alone makes it easier to ask questions and explain the results more easily than using traditional film methods”.

QC Labs is currently evaluating other DÜRR NDT solutions such as the small DR-7 NDT CMOS sensor which can easily be positioned inside small parts or in tight locations. The 19 micron pixel pitch of this device ensures high-quality images and accurate detection of small indications. Also, the full-sized DÜRR NDT DDA products are of interest to QC Laboratories because of their high-resolution, fast readout and high image-quality. Naturally, all DÜRR NDT products are controlled by the standard D-Tect software, ensuring that users are efficient and retraining is unnecessary because of the consistent user interface. Future QC Labs investment plans also include a micro-focus X-ray tube and a CT capability – these will allow them to provide a more comprehensive suite of inspection solutions to their customers.

When asked to sum up his experience with the HD-CR 35, Mr. James said, “The CR system has allowed us to meet our customers’ needs in a more cost effective manner (than film)”.


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