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CR 35 NDT Makes Offshore Inspection Easy
2020-02-26 09:30

CR 35 NDT Makes Offshore Inspection Easy

Energy Workforce Sdn Bhd with 80 employees and headquarters in Selangor, Malaysia have relied upon the DÜRR NDT CR 35 NDT scanner since 2017 for their radiographic inspection work in offshore platforms as well as in processing plants, serving major local customers such as Petronas and Carigali Hess.

CR 35 NDT computed radiography scanner

The CR 35 NDT is Energy Workforce’s first foray into digital radiography. Previously, only conventional film was used for radiographic inspection and according to Mr. Quayum, Radiation Protection Officer: “Compared to film, the quality is much more reliable. Imaging plates are also easier to handle and the processing time is a lot faster”.

For most of their work, the team at Energy Workforce uses high-sensitive white imaging plates (primarily 18 x 24, 25 x 43 and 6 x 24 cm sizes) with an Iridium-192 isotope radiation source. Two NDT operators are fully-trained to use the CR 35 NDT system and typically around 30 images are taken with the device per week. The primary applications are pipe corrosion inspection and integrity checking of valves and other instruments – the system is often used in live chemical processing plants (e.g. BASF Petronas in Kuantan) and power plants (e.g. Jimah Power Plant in Port Dickson).

Energy Workforce takes full advantage of the portability of the CR 35 NDT which itself weighs only 17.5 kg and so can be easily taken on-site to even the most remote location. Repeatability and reliability are also strong points of the CR 35 NDT: “Overall this device is excellent. Every single imaging plate that goes through the device produces results as per my expectation. These results are extremely satisfying and make my interpretation work very smooth”, commented Mr. Quayum.

The CR 35 NDT is accompanied by the D-Tect inspection software which allows easy and rapid interpretation of acquired images. According to Mr. Quayum, “The D-Tect software makes the system essentially plug-and-play: something that is extremely important when doing work on-site. The features are very user-friendly and can be learned within a short time”. D-Tect also features automatic pipe wall measurement tools which make the analysis process even faster.

Energy Workforce is also fully supported by NDT Instruments Malaysia Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Singapore-based NDT Instruments Pte Ltd) who performs annual maintenance and any other required service activities to ensure the system is always running per specification.


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