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15 Years of Excellence in Industrial Digital Radiography
2021-08-02 08:00

15 Years of Excellence in Industrial Digital Radiography

DÜRR NDT looks back in 2021 on 15 years of innovations and milestones in industrial digital radiography.

Founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of Dürr Dental SE, DÜRR NDT developed within a very short time to become one of the market-leading manufacturers of imaging plate scanners for non-destructive testing (NDT) with the product launch of its CR 35 models. The technology, known as Computed Radiography (CR), employs reusable imaging plates and offers itself as a digital and environment friendly substitute for conventional X-ray film. This was followed in 2013 by the newly developed HD-CR 35 NDT with TreFoc technology, a unique laser focusing system that enables a very wide range of applications. The HD-CR 35 NDT achieves a basic spatial resolution of 30 µm, which to this day is unmatched in the field of Computed Radiography.

15 Years of Excellence in Industrial Digital Radiography

In 2016, DÜRR NDT expanded its portfolio with flat panel detectors and once again revolutionizes digital radiography with the launch of the compact CMOS detector DR 7 NDT. With a pixel pitch of 19 µm, it achieves a basic spatial resolution of an incredible 25 µm. Because of this high resolution, the DR 7 NDT is the preferred choice for aerospace applications. In 2018 this was followed by the DRC 2430 NDT, a wireless flat panel detector with 76 µm pixel pitch, designed specifically for mobile use and the requirements of industrial radiography.

In 2019, DÜRR NDT again demonstrates its pioneering spirit by introducing DRIVE NDT, the first holistic workflow management software for NDT. With this web application, for the first time the entire NDT workflow, including test report generation for all test procedures, can now be carried out in one system.

From the early days all radiographic systems worked with the imaging and analysis software D-Tect, developed by DÜRR NDT. In 2020 the software was enhanced with a radical redesign. Developed in close cooperation with users and level 3 experts, D-Tect X opened up completely new dimensions in terms of user-friendliness and performance.

DÜRR NDT now offers a wide range of innovative solutions that are used worldwide by renowned companies in diverse industries such as mechanical engineering, oil & gas, and aerospace. Typical applications include weld inspection, erosion and corrosion inspection, casting inspection, and scientific materials testing. With the help of a worldwide network of specialist dealers, customers are now served in over 100 countries.

Looking ahead, DÜRR NDT will continue to do everything in its power to drive the digitalization of NDT with innovations and support its customers with high-performance solutions.


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