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Рентгеновская система максимизирует качество продукции и в Spectrum Brands

09. Июн 2022 /

Spectrum Brands, a home essentials company, invested in a state-of-the-art X-ray system capable of producing high-resolution images that reveal intricate details with incredibly sharp precision. The X-ray system was built by Lake X-ray, using DÜRR NDT's high-resolution flat panel detector DRA 3543 NDT and D-Tect X software.

HD-CR 35 NDT повышает эффективность задач рентгеновского контроля в нефтегазовой отрасли

28. Апр 2022 /

ENOD S.R.L, a large NDT service provider in Argentina, had a major project involving corrosion inspection of pipes with isotopes at 12 different sites. “We broke records on this project using Computed Radiography. We have never completed such a large project so quickly”, says Kevin Rodriguez, inspector at ENOD.

Новый беспроводной плоский детектор для контроля коррозии и эрозии

22. Фев 2022 /

We are pleased to introduce our new DRC 3643 NDT, which rounds off our DRC product range of robust flat panel detectors. Thanks to its portability and large active area of 36 x 43 cm, the detector is particularly well suited for corrosion and erosion inspections on pipes.

PSMN Recommends HD-CR 35 NDT for Research Applications

08. Фев 2022 /

PSMN, Center for Nuclear Standardization and Quality in Indonesia, has been a user of the HD-CR 35 NDT Computed Radiography scanner since 2018 and uses it with X-ray radiation sources in combination with high-sensitivity white imaging plates to support their various research activities.

Covering both Offshore and Onshore Applications with the HD-CR 35 NDT

07. Сен 2021 /

Winner Inspection has been a user of DÜRR NDT’s HD-CR 35 Computed Radiography scanner since 2017 and utilizes it primarily for pipe wall thickness profiling during service and production stop using Iridium-192. The HD-CR 35 system is also used to inspect weldment, flange and valve conditions in oil and gas plants and platforms.

15 Years of Excellence in Industrial Digital Radiography

02. Авг 2021 /

DÜRR NDT looks back in 2021 on 15 years of innovations and milestones in industrial digital radiography. It all started with the launch of the first CR 35 NDT imaging plate scanner for NDT in 2006. Today DÜRR NDT offers a wide range of solutions that are used worldwide by renowned companies in diverse industries.

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